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Santa Monica Smoking Ban Fails

Many smokers in Santa Monica had been bracing for the ban on residential smoking in apartments and condominiums but it seems that the bracing was for nothing. After a long period of protesting the measure it has been decided to not go through with the intrusive ban which would have forced smokers who still wanted to smoke in their apartment to have to declare it as, essentially, a smoking zone. This measure was found extremely offensive on more than one level.

The primary thing that many tenants took issue with is the fact that they were essentially being told what they could and could not do in the privacy of their home. While the tenants obviously did not own the affected apartment complexes, they do at least pay to live there which means they should have had some say in the matter from the beginning. There are many smokers across the country who are hoping that this is a sign that the rest of the country will use this incident when considering their own smoking policies. While public smoking is still facing an enormous amount of backlash it is good to know that the rights of smokers are still being considered when it comes to their homes.

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