apartment smoking bans on the rise

Santa Monica May Ban Smoking In All Apartments

It seems that the home is the last refuge that smokers have when it comes to being able to smoke without having to worry about being fined. But if a smoker is looking for a home in Santa Monica they are going to have to skip out on looking at apartments. The city council of Santa Monica has decided to ban smoking in all apartments in Santa Monica.

While this ban is certainly bad news for smokers, at least the Santa Monica city council has found a way to take the sting off of things. They have decided that any smokers who already live in apartments can not only keep their apartments, but continue to smoke in them so long as they register their apartment as smoking.

It’s refreshing to see a smoking ban that addresses the needs and concerns of smokers even if in the big picture every other smoker isn’t given as fair a shake. It makes one wonder whether such a ban would actually hold up under further legal scrutiny. It seems as though the unofficial smoking prohibition we have seen throughout the country is coming more into focus.

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