Russia Adopts Graphic Images on Cigarette Packs

The debate over graphic images displayed on cigarette packs has found its way to Russia. From here on, Russian cigarette packs are being forced to carry graphic images, many depicting the effects of long term cigarette smoking on the human body, as a means to deter people from smoking. Russia leads the world in terms of the number of smokers out there, so it makes sense that they would want to cut back on the number. But, the issue in Russia is the same as in the states: is placing graphic images the right thing to do?

The debate has been as to whether or not graphic images will help, and more importantly whether or not the images will make their debut States-side. While Canada has adopted them and Russia has decided to add the images as well, the US has been very indecisive on the matter, with many believing that the images could violate the First Amendment. The decision that Russia has made could very well have an impact on the decision in America, though it would most likely depend on whether the results of the decision have any real effect on sales.