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Roll Your Own Shops Starting To Close

We recently reported on a measure that has essentially doomed roll your own cigarette shops across the country. To sum it up, the measure has redefined roll your own cigarette shops not as shops, but rather cigarette manufacturers. This change of classification means that roll your own cigarette shops can expect to pay higher taxes, which means that the money that smokers were saving by visiting these shops is now out the window.

Many had predicted that as a result of this tax increase many roll your own tobacco shops would either adapt or die and appears that the shops are having to face the latter. Roll your own cigarette shops across the country are starting to close their doors as the increase in taxes has caused customers to turn away from them.

It almost seems as though the tax increase was created specifically to cripple these shops. After all, the bill in which the reclassification appeared in seemed unrelated to roll your own cigarette shops and was essentially hidden. It seems as though smokers are continuing to fight a socially stimulated losing battle.

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