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Roll Your Own Tobacco Shops Defy State

A group of Roll Your Own cigarette shops in Staten Island and Brooklyn have been standing firm and defiant against a federal lawsuit that has called for them to essentially shut down the namesake of their business: roll your own cigarettes. While roll your own cigarettes are not as heavily taxed as regular cigarettes, apparently the law only extends to people who buy their own tobacco and filters and that shops such as the ones that are being defiant are essentially selling untaxed cigarettes.

The issue that many people have with the lawsuit is that it appears to be taxation for taxation’s sake and that the real issue is that the shops are becoming so popular. Many believe that the state is trying to use overtaxing to solve a problem that is only problematic for the state itself. Many feel that there is no real difference between buying a roll your own cigarettes kit and simply having them rolled at the shop that the tobacco is purchased at. This seems to just be another example of the state wanting as much control of something as possible, even if it means angering the citizens that the state is suppose to have the best interest of in mind.

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