Roll Your Own Shops Could Be Forced To Close

Roll your own cigarette shops could be a thing of the past soon. A federal bill that would legally redefine such stores as cigarette manufacturers would cause roll your own cigarette stores to have to pay higher taxes, taxes that they have managed to avoid for years. Many are uncertain just what the cause of this bill was, but it is known that it was essentially hidden in a Federal highway bill, likely because it would have caused an uproar. Instead it went quietly unchallenged because it was essentially not on anybody’s radar.

While we have joked and speculated that the government has been doing its best to snuff out tobacco usage before, this furthers the argument exponentially. It seems that the government is looking to obliterate any possible loop holes that would allow for consumers to save a few bucks. On top of the fact that this bill will effectively cause roll your own shops to close down, it is likely to deliver a massive blow to the economy of the towns that these shops inhabit. We’ll bring you more as details continue to unfold.

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