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Roll Your Own Cigarettes Beat the System

It has been pretty much impossible for smokers to be able to fight off the insane number of tax hikes that have been coming their way. Whether it is the smoking bans or the tax increases, smoking has never been more difficult. But it seems now that if you want to be able to beat the ridiculous taxation, at least in New York, then you may have to learn how to roll your own tobacco.

Up until this point there had been a heavy push to tax loose tobacco as much as regular cigarettes, but this caused a massive amount of complaining among people who roll their own cigarettes. To explain it rather simply, the reason why those who roll their own tobacco are able to not pay as much of the tax stems from the fact that their cigarettes do not come assembled. This means that they are not technically buying cigarettes, only the items required to make them. It’s essentially the same as not having to pay the same amount of tax money for buying a car when you are only buying an engine.

While that is only the loosest explanation for it, regardless of complexity it equals good news for smokers in New York and potentially other places as well. States tend to emulate one another in terms of how laws get passed (at least laws of this nature) so it could end up being very good for smokers in other states.

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