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Roll Your Own Cigarette Stores Still Struggling

The recent law change that has redefined roll your own cigarette stores as cigarette manufacturers as opposed to simply cigarette vendors. This has put a massive strain on roll your own cigarette shops as they were once a safe haven for smokers looking to escape the ridiculously high tax of already rolled cigarettes. The reclassification essentially meant that the owners of roll your own cigarette shops have to pay higher taxes, the same kind of taxes that cigarette manufacturers have to pay.

This has caused a great number of roll your own cigarette shops to close down, but there are plenty of shops that remain open as a result of the fact that the heavy debate around the tax increases has caused some levels of law enforcement to not enforce the new tax rules. This is primarily because the argument has caused the motion itself to be held up in court and until a definitive resolution is made, roll your own shops have a momentary reprieve.


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