Roll Your Own Cigarette Shops Get Temporary Reprieve

It had seemed that the final nail had been put into the coffin of roll your own cigarette shops when it was announced that a new law had legally redefined roll your own cigarette shops as cigarette manufacturers instead of as cigarette shops. This had caused many roll your own cigarette shops to close down due to the threat that this was for their business. Now it seems that roll your own cigarette shops are getting a temporary reprieve.

A recent injunction has put any actual enforcement on the new tax rules on hold, so many roll your own cigarette stores are trying to make use of this as yet undefined window of a opportunity while they still can. There are many shops that have reported having very large lines. The reason for the popularity of roll your own cigarette shops stems from the fact that, at least up until recently, they were much lexx expensive to use than buying already made cigarettes. This was mainly because of tax money. The redefinition of roll your own cigarettes shops as manufacturers however has brought the business to a halt.

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