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Roll Your Own Cigarette Shops Fighting New Law

Roll your own cigarette shops across the country are closing down due to the previously reported change in law that causes roll your own tobacco shops to be classified as tobacco manufacturers. This has caused the amount that the shops have to pay in taxes to skyrocket. While many shop owners have had no choice but to close down, many other shop owners are not going down without a fight.

A group of roll your own cigarette shop owners have banded together in an attempt to take the law head on and have it repealed. The group has set up a hotline and are planning on going through the proper legal channels to protest the change of legal definition. Many critics of the law have stated that it seems like it is more of an attempt to squeeze as much money out of the tobacco industry as possible regardless of the affect it has on shop owners and customers. Many ignore changes to the law such as this one due to a bias against smokers, however subtle it may be, that they have been conditioned to have. It is frustrating because the non-smoking public will either shrug it off because the law does not affect them or they will say tobacco products need to be taxed higher anyway to get people to stop using them.

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