Reusing Your Cartridges

One of the biggest reasons why e cigarettes are so popular is because of the fact that they are reusable. When most people think about the reusability of e cigs they tend to just think of the battery but what most first time e cigarette users don’t realize is that they can actually reuse their e cigarette flavor cartridges as well.

If you want to reuse your e cigarette cartridges then all you need to do is purchase reusable cartridges and buy e liquid bottles. It is a good idea to buy e liquid that matches the flavor of the cartridge if for no other reason than consistency and to be sure that you do not accidentally change the flavor to something you don’t want. If you want to get a feel for refilling your e cig cartridges right off the bat then your best bet is to buy blank cartridges first.

It is important that when you start refilling your cartridges to not overfill them. The reason why is because you could potentially damage your cartridge. The est thing to do is just use one to two drops and you should be covered for the rest of the day.

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