Resistance Against Cigarette Taxes Mounting

Smokers are tired of being so heavily taxed. Over the past couple of years smokers have had to pay through the nose for cigarettes on top of the constant public smoking bans that have been occurring throughout the country. When roll your own cigarette shops started to be faced with the very real threat of being forced to shut down due to a legal redefinition of the shops as cigarette manufacturers, it seemed like the very last place that smokers could get cigarettes cheaper was going to disappear altogether. Many smokers have even resorted to smuggling cigarettes in an effort to save money. However other smokers are looking at decidedly more legal methods of combating higher taxes.

Groups such as The Cigar Association of America and the National Association of Tobacco Outlets are suing to block state taxes on particular cigars, little cigars to be exact, and the recent redefinition in some states that has caused them to be considered cigarettes. This has raised taxes and while suing to block the taxes may not help all smokers, it shows that a stance is being made against what is essentially unfair taxation.

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