Quitting Smoking Will Pack On the Pounds

Thinking of quitting smoking? Then you may want to sign up for a gym membership while you are at it. While it has been known for some time that people who quit smoking can expect to gain a few pounds afterward, it was very much underestimated just how much weight would be gained. While it was initially expected that quitters could expect to put on just a few extra pounds, it turns out that a smoker can actually expect to gain ten pounds after quitting.

To those who wonder just what triggers this weight gain it is simply a matter of appetite. Cigarette smoke works as an appetite suppressant, which means the more you smoke the less you want to eat. When you drop the habit you drop the smoke which means that your appetite is back to normal. While this may be frustrating to smokers who are looking to quit but want to maintain their body type, the added pounds are nothing that a good old diet and some exercise can’t shake off.

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