Push For Tolerance of E Cigarettes Growing

When e cigarettes first became regularly available, there were many who were excited by the products, many who thought they were a bad idea, and many in the middle that simply did not know what to think about them. It hasn’t been until recently, with all of the exposure that e cigarettes have received in the news and the fact that more e cigarette brands are popping up in stores that people seem to be becoming more aware of them and what they can do. This has led to what many people believe is a push for people to better understand e cigarettes and their users.

Because there are so many misconceptions out there about e cigarettes, especially ones present in the media, people had been somewhat slow to embrace the products. While there is still some criticism floating around aimed at e cigarettes, the general public seems to be slowly accepting them, despite e cigarettes being injustly grouped in with public smoking bans in several states across the country. Even publications like National Geographic have published articles mulling over the potential benefits of e cigarettes. Just how much the general public embraces e cigarettes remains to be seen, but if it continues in its current direction, then things for the e cigarette industry could be looking very good indeed.


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