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Public Smoking Banned In Ukraine

We can now add Ukraine to the growing list of countries that are cracking down on public smoking. The law was passed banning smoking in the majority of public places, but it is of note that some public places will be allowed smoking zones. Places such as airports, dormitories, and hotels are among the list of places that will have the smoking zones. Smoking is extremely high in Ukraine and this is definitely a measure used to try and discourage smoking in general, but allowing smoking zones is a positive step that will prevent smokers from being stigmatized.

It makes one wonder if this is something that should be considered a precedent that other countries and even states here in the US that are considering could follow. The fact is, smoking bans have been accused of being unfair to smokers, giving them no place other than their homes to smoke. Creating smoking zones could give smokers the chance to have a place to go in public when they need to smoke without having to worry about being fined.



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