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Public Housing Could Be Hit With Smoking Bans

It was one thing when states decided to ban smoking in public places, and it was another thing when privately owned apartment complexes banned smoking, but now it seems that people who live in public housing are going to have to find a new place to smoke as well. Several cities across the country are deciding whether or not they should put bans on smoking in public housing into effect.

This would cause a massive uproar among smokers who live in public housing. Smokers are running out of places to be able to smoke. It is getting to where it seems that states are imposing a sort of smoking prohibition without actually coming out and saying it. It is getting to where the last place a person can smoke is in their car, and it would not be all that surprising if they came up with a way to ban smoking there too. Smokers are having their options taken away from them and there is little chance of a solution unless they make their voices heard.

There is one bright spot, as some of the places that are considering these bans have given exception to e cigarettes since they do not actually put out any vapor or harsh smells.

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