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Proposition 29 Finally Defeated

After much debate and speculation Proposition 29, which would have raised cigarette taxes by a whole dollar in California has finally, irrevocably, been struck down in what seemed like a neck and neck race at the polls.

Proposition 29, for many smokers, was going to be the last straw if it had been passed. Smokers have had to endure a growing amount of public smoking bans and tax hikes and the extra dollar that Prop 29 would have pulled out of their wallets would have been ridiculous. This ongoing turmoil with cigarettes and tobacco products may just be turning around in the smokers favor giving them a chance to finally be heard. Up until now it had seemed that many politicians and lawmakers were not only ignoring the smokers pleas for compromise but were also intentional making things more difficult then they had to be.

With Proposition 29 finally put to rest it seems that maybe some actually progress will be made in it’s wake. This could very well be the chance all smokers have been looking for when it comes to not only being heard but making some lasting helpful changes in the tobacco industry.

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