prohibition through taxation

Prohibition Through Taxation?

When you get down to it, with the large amounts of smoking bans along with the constantly increasing taxes, and the increase of people who are going so far as to commit crimes to get their hands on cigarettes without the high taxes, it really does seem like we’re experiencing a form of cigarette prohibition. However, when prohibition occurred it was at least blatantly acknowledged. What we are experiencing is a form of prohibition, but nobody is directly calling it that. After all, people can still smoke in their homes, right? Well, they can so long as their home isn’t an apartment.

Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room: they’re going to try and kill off smoking with taxes. The bans are already taking away the ability to smoke where they want while the taxation is killing off any desire to want to buy cigarettes or even e cigarettes. And those who do still want to smoke without paying through the nose the only real option is to try your hand at being the Tony Montana of cigarettes, which as we’ve seen isn’t working out too well. Even cops are getting in on it!

Granted, there are some states that still have designated smoking areas, and there are some that are a bit more lenient towards smoking. The problem is that many smokers feel outmatched against a system that is designed to work against them. Society is learning to stigmatize smokers instead of smoking itself. There needs to be a happy medium created that makes both smokers and non smokers happy.

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