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Prevent a Mess With E Cigs

One of the biggest advantages to using e cigarettes that make them attractive to a lot of people is the fact that they are significantly cleaner than regular cigarettes. Think of the amount of pick up that is involved with regular cigarettes. Between the ashes and the nasty smell you could find yourself getting pretty annoyed before long, and that isn’t even counting the possible annoyance of any non smokers who may live with you or come to visit. Here are some reasons why e cigarettes will help you not make a mess.

One of the main reasons why e cigarettes are cleaner is because they do not leave behind any nasty ashes. This means that you do not have to worry about keeping an ash tray anymore. In fact you can go ahead and throw away your lighter while you are at it. No ashes means that you do not have to do any level of clean up. It also means that you do not have to throw any anymore cigarette butts which are a nightmare for the environment.

The other thing that makes e cigarettes cleaner is the fact that there is no nasty odor left behind. This means that if you are having guests over and there are a few non smokers you do not have to worry about breaking out the air freshener. It means that you’re going to save a bundle on cleaning supplies.

Here’s something else that puts it into perspective: think of your clothes and furniture. The smoke that is emitted from regular cigarettes gets into your clothes and furniture. This causes them to smell really bad and it means you’ll have to do more loads of laundry than necessary to get the smell out. The extra hassle just isn’t worth it when there’s a cleaner and better smelling solution out there.

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