Premium Cigar Makers Could Face Regulation

In the smoking world premium cigars have been able to go relatively regulation free. However, it is looking like those days may be about to come to a screeching halt. It seems that regulation is finally going to hit the cigar industry, something that has cigar enthusiasts fuming.

If regulation does hit the cigar industry, then things such as different flavors being under heavy scrutiny and the addition of stricter health labels could definitely be on the horizon. Another thing that would be subject to regulation is the actual shape and size of the cigars that are produced. There are many in the premium tobacco industry that feel that this will have a negative impact, especially on specialty tobacco stores.

It certainly does beg the question of whether or not the potential regulations would have the same extent as the ones placed on regular cigarettes. The intention thus far, it seems, has been to regulate them in such a way as for them to not appeal to kids, but this just makes one wonder: What kid finds cigars appealing? In this day and age no kid thinks tobacco products look cool or appealing, so the prospect of regulation seems somewhat ridiculous.

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