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Plain Cigarette Labels Gaining Support

There has been a massive argument raging over the past several years over whether or not cigarette packs should carry graphic warning labels that show the physical effects that smoking has on the human body. But another argument that has had just as much support is the one on whether or not cigarette packaging should have any sort of label on it. The idea is that selling cigarettes in plain white packaging is enough to make them seem unappealing to smokers.
The lingering question about such a measure, at least in the US, is the legality of it. The idea of forcing the tobacco industry to adopt labeling against their will is something that is very tricky because if the changing of labeling can be imposed on one industry then what is preventing such changes from being imposed on other industries. The argument is that placing cigarettes in plain white packaging is less appealing as the colors of the packaging are considered by many to be a selling point. Others, however, think this claim to be ridiculous. It remains to be seen if anything will come from all the campaigning for plain packaging.

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