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Philip Morris Announces “Low Risk” Cigarette That Sounds Oddly Like an E Cigarette

Philip Morris announced today that they intend to debut several new products that will fly under the existing banners of their brands, such as Marlboro. Perhaps the most interesting of the products was the proposed “low risk” cigarette. Essentially the product would use a chemical reaction that would then create an aerosol that contained nicotine and it would be delivered to the customer in that capacity. What many have found jarring about this is that it sounds an awful lot like an e cigarette in terms of concept.

This is something that is rather odd given that many had wondered why the large company hadn’t gotten into the e cigarette business sooner. Is this a matter of too little too late? After all with the large number of brands out there, such as the 7s brand and their great e cigarette starter kit, even a big company like Philip Morris might have a hard time getting into the game.

But it does need to be stressed that this technically is not an e cigarette they are talking about, though the idea sounds strikingly similar. It easily makes one wonder whether or not they are making their product so different from e cigarettes in an attempt to make it seem as though they have a “better” idea on their hands. Regardless of intentions it is almost a guarantee that there will be comparisons to e cigarettes. Until then we must simply wait and see.

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