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Passaic Public Smoking Ban Vote Put On Hold

Passaic, New Jersey, a town perhaps best known from being featured in the movie Be Kind Rewind, is looking to become the latest town to adopt a policy against smoking in public places such as parks and administrative buildings. However they seem to have run into a minor speed bump with their plans. The actual proposal is being revised, reportedly to revise the wording of the proposal itself.

Whether this means that the proposal is being rewritten in order to be less like lawyer-speak or if it is being made to more resemble lawyer-speak hasn’t been elaborated on, but it is certainly interesting that something of that nature would have to go through a rewrite right before voting.

It should come as no surprise that the proposal is a popular one in Passaic. There has been little opposition on the part of smokers. Something that is of note, however, is that e cigarettes have been grouped in with the proposed ban and that first violations would be met with a $250 fine and it will only get worse with subsequent violations, capping at about $1000 per violation.

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