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Opposition Mounting For One Indiana Smoking Ban

Smokers are tired of being stigmatized by a society that has made them out to be “the bad guy” in regards to public health. The growing number of tax hikes and public smoking bans have essentially strong armed smokers into giving up smoking, and even those who had taken up e cigarettes as an alternative are starting to face the same problems due to e cigarettes being unfairly grouped in with the public smoking bans. It is very interesting that there is a call for one Indiana public smoking ban to be put on hold.

The reason many are calling for the ban to be put on hold is due to the ban’s terms and conditions being very confusing to some. This is rather odd given that the smoking ban is actually one of the most lenient you will find in that it exempts private clubs, bars, casinos, and retail tobacco shops. The primary group of people who are challenging the ban is the American Legion, who are protesting it due to the part of the law that states that the ban is in effect for any facility when there is an event in that designated smoking area that will have children. The American Legion has stated that they frequently have children in their facilities throughout the week, which explains why their feathers are ruffled.

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