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Opinion: Why Public Smoking Bans Are Not As Helpful As People Think

The growing number of policies against smoking in public is one that has been very troublesome for smokers. While the policy has been met with both praise and indifference from non smokers, smokers are having to adapt to a system that is certainly not doing them any favors. Here are some reasons why these bans are not exactly for the best for anybody.

When you start to break down the public smoking bans, it is very easy to look at the issue from only one side. After all, a smoker looks at it as “Great, now I have to find somewhere else to smoke.” A non smoker will look at it as relief that they do not have to endure smelling cigarette smoke anymore. The problem is that it perpetuates a constant “us and them” mentality. It becomes easy to discard the rights of others when it pertains to a habit, in this case smoking, that one does not share with them. Because the majority of people in the US don’t smoke, it is easy for them to not care about the public smoking bans.

The other problem is that public smoking bans are not particularly lenient. To further clarify, on state will have a ban on public smoking but will allow for smoking in bars and private clubs. This can cause some serious confusion, especially for people who are traveling from state to state. Someone could get fined for smoking publicly in a state that does not allow it if they come from a state still allows public smoking. Making it even more confusing is the fact that some states group e cigarettes in with their bans, which just adds even more technicalities for people to sort through. It all just seems unnecessary.

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