Opinion: Smoking Bans Hurt Bar and Restaurant Business

There has already been so much said on the topic of public smoking bans and the tighter restrictions that more and more states are imposing, especially on businesses such as bars and restaurants. Of all of the different problems that come about from the fact that many states have no exempt public areas. If a homeowner can allow smoking in their home why can’t a business owner allow smoking in their business? It makes no sense to many, and to some it is actually hurting business.

Drinking goes hand in hand with smoking to many people, which is why so many bar owners and patrons are frustrated that they have to step outside to smoke. Well, they would step outside to smoke if they weren’t worried about being fined. The bar is considered by many to be somewhat of a safe haven for smokers: it is the one place they can smoke and not have to worry about people getting disgusted. But if people can’t smoke while they are out having a good time, then they might as well stay home (and many people are).

There is also mass appeal for people to smoke after having a meal. This was part of the reason why there were designated smoking sections for restaurants, but in the span of the last few years these sections have essentially disappeared. And as with bars, many people can’t step outside to smoke because they would then be in violation of public smoking ordinances. It means that many will just stay home, and the businesses will get less money and everybody loses in one way or another.

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