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Opinion: Smokers Finally Have Something To Hope For

Let’s face it: these haven’t been a very good past couple of years for smokers. With more and more states adopting public smoking bans and with the insanely high number of tax increases it seemed like smokers didn’t have a whole lot to hope for. But things have a funny way of working themselves out. Prop 29, a measure that would have raised cigarette taxes in California by a whole dollar, was struck down. While the voting itself came down to the wire it is still a massive victory for smokers who are already paying a lot.

Another reason for smokers to have a little more hope is the fact that several states that either have public smoking bans or are considering having public smoking bans are considering having designated smoking areas. The reason why this is a big deal is because up until this point most states with smoking bans have had fairly rigid rules that did not allow for designated smoking areas. The fact that they are now considering them could have an echo throughout the rest of the country.

And of course another reason for smokers to rejoice is the fact that more people than ever are not smoking traditional cigarettes. This may have some scratching their heads, but it is really quite simple. More and more smokers have either outright quit or found a loophole in the smoking system. That loophole comes in the form of great e cigarette starter kits. E cigarettes allow for the user to get a much more fulfilling and convenient form of smoking. You have an option on the table that allows you to never have touch a lighter or ash tray again. You have an option that makes it to where all clean up is cut out of the picture. More smokers are aware of e cigarettes than ever and that is definitely reason to hope.

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