apartment smoking bans on the rise

Opinion: Santa Monica Ban Goes Too Far

A recent measure that has banned smoking in Santa Monica apartments and condominiums has sparked a wide range of debates over whether or not the measure is good or if it is another example of officials having too much power to regulate what people do in their own homes. Many of the smokers who have been affected it are simply smokers who are looking for new homes. The measure bans smoking for everyone except for smokers who were already living in their apartment or condo.

Many feel that the measure has given too much power to regulate the homes of people and many smoker have expressed worry that it will not be much longer until they try to ban smoking in single family houses as well. The arguments against public smoking are at the very least somewhat compelling in that an argument can be made that it’s for the good of the general public, but now allowing someone to do something within the privacy of their own home is a step too far.

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