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Opinion: RIP the Smoke Break

It’s time to put on a black suit, or black dress, a black arm band, or any clothes of mourning that you have. After a long, uphill battle with a constantly changing society the smoke break is to be laid to rest most likely before the end of the year. The smoking bans that have been taking place all across the country started to influence many private businesses to put bans on smoking on their premises. This means that while workers can still take a break, they cannot take a break to actually smoke. Even college campuses, once the most likely place to see the smoke break in action, have begun banning smoking on their grounds.

Above all else this is the end of a small bit of freedom as we know it. As smokers continue to try to make things easier on nonsmokers with technology like the electronic cigarette it seems lawmakers and business makers want to do nothing more than continue to ban and further constrain smokers. We’ve seen it happening with where we can smoke, where we can live, and how we smoke, but it seems to be going a bit far especially when it comes to the well deserved smoking break in the middle of a hard working day.

This just continues to show that even with inventions like the electronic cigarette they will continue to expect all smokers to conform instead of being reasonable with the compromises that smokers have tried to present. Something will most definitely need to be done and soon. However there are some businesses that make exceptions to popular e cigarette starter kits, so perhaps not all is lost for some smokers.

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