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Opinion: Public Smoking Bans To Become More Understanding?

Smoking bans have been at the front of almost every smoker’s thoughts, especially the ones who live in states and cities that are being threatened with them. The fact is that up until now smokers have felt that their voices have been completely and totally brushed aside by lawmakers and even their fellow citizens. But there are some places that are beginning to rethinking their position on public smoking bans by showing a willingness to allow for designated smoking areas that are exempt from the bans.

Having designated smoking areas, such as private clubs and parking lots, would go a long way towards helping smokers not feel alienated, ostracized, and cut off from society. The fact is that it had started to seem cruel that no smokers’ voices were being heard and that lawmakers were showing no interest in compromising with smokers. It was as if half the population’s rights had ceased to exist in the lawmakers’ and business’ minds.  And with good quality e cigarette starter kits so readily available, many had wondered where their e cigarettes fell in the bans.

Thankfully, now they seem to be trying to be a bit more open minded by not only listening but toying with the idea of more designated smoking areas that allow more room to be away from nonsmokers during a smoking break. This has shown to be what both sides are looking for. So it begs the question of why it took so very long for lawmakers and politicians to hear the smokers side of it?

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