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Opinion: Just When and Where Can We Smoke?

When most people think about college and their job after many things are the same. The never ending coffee, late nights, and the cigarette break. Ah, the cigarette break. Yes, that thing that’s being banned all over the country used to be a rite of passage. So it begs the question that if for so many years cigarettes were such a quintessential part of work and college life then why ban them now? To be honest, it seems that it’s just nonsmokers getting pickier.

After all, it doesn’t seem like their trying to put an end to smoking in general just an end to where and when smokers can be allowed to smoke. If smokers aren’t allowed to smoke at school or at work then where can they smoke? Home? Not likely considering the fact that many new home owners and apartment owners are telling their renters that smoking is no longer allowed. Some even go so far as to ban anyone who smokes at all, taking away any chance that the smoker may have had to compromise, such as smoking away from the building.

So if nonsmokers, politicians, and business owners aren’t looking to stop smoking altogether then what are they trying to achieve? It would seem they’re almost doing things like these just to simply achieve a more comfortable environment for themselves. If this were the case you’d think they’d do some more research and try to understand that one of a smokers main goals is to not offend anyone with smoke and to not inconvenience anyone. Hence, technology like the electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes. So, are they really willing to compromise or are they just worried about their own comfort at the expense of smokers?


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