e cigs are the cigarette perfected

Opinion: E Cigarettes are the Perfected Cigarette


E cigarettes are the perfected form of the cigarette. There is simply no other way to put it. E cigarettes have become massively popular over the past couple of years for that reason. With public smoking bans and ever growing tax hikes becoming the norm these days, many smokers are simply abandoning cigarettes, but perhaps it is time they give e cigarettes a try so they can have the best of both worlds.

E cigarettes are easily more convenient, cleaner, and more cost efficient than regular cigarettes. You do not have to worry about the smell of an e cigarette because it essentially is odorless. This means that if you are around non smokers then you do not have to worry about irritating them. And since e cigarettes do not technically put out smoke, but rather a vapor, most non smokers do not mind them. They are more cost efficient as well given that you will spend roughly the same amount on packs of cartridges as you would cigarette packs, but individual cartridges last as long or longer than cigarette packs. The only real upkeep you have to worry about with e cigarettes is whether or not your battery is charged and whether or not your cartridge is out of e liquid.

It does need to be addressed that while e cigarettes seem to be accepted even by non smokers that there are some states where e cigarettes have been grouped in with public smoking bans simply because some states do view them as tobacco products. While this is one benefit that is taken away, the other previously mentioned advantages of e cigarettes are certainly still available to you.


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