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Opinion: Cigarette Tax Increases Getting Ridiculous

Cigarette taxes are getting ridiculous. All across the country states are adopting tax hikes. While a lot of states have worked hard to oppose such tax increases, many states, particularly the ones where smoking is most frowned upon, are having no trouble getting the tax increases passed. The fact is that many smokers have reacted to the tax increases by giving up on cigarettes altogether and looking for alternatives to them.

With products such as e cigarettes becoming even more popular than ever, these tax increases are only serving to force smokers into either quitting or adapting. But just how are they adapting? There are a large number of smokers out there who are finding their preferred alternatives, but some are resorting to petty crime to get their cigarettes. Is this an indication of just how stupid people can be, or is it a sign that the tax increases are not exactly working out the way politicians had figured?

The fact is that smokers are sick of being taxed. They feel as though their voices are being ignored simply because they are smokers. They have not been given a forum that allows them to speak their minds on the tax increases. Some form of happy medium needs to be found.

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