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Opinion: Cigarette Prohibition Not Far Off

It’s right around the corner, folks. Soon enough you’ll be reading about how smoking is not only banned in public places like bars or restaurants, but how it is banned just about anywhere. The constant tax increases and the large number of bans on smoking in public are a sign that more and more states are willing to crush out the smoker’s right and capability to smoke anywhere other than their home. But if the smoker calls an apartment home then they can pretty much forget about smoking there too as more and more landlords are being given the right to implement bans on smoking in their buildings. There are more and more states that are trying to completely and totally ban the use of cigarettes in public altogether.

Making the issue worse is the fact that even products that are not cigarettes in the traditional sense, such as e cigarettes, are being hit with the bans as well. Somehow a product that you do not actually smoke was hit with the smoking ban, which shows you how much common sense is used when making such bans.

Speaking of common sense, did we not learn enough last time around just what prohibition of commonly available goods does? It only creates criminals. More and more people are readily willing to forgo taxes altogether and deal in smuggling tax free cigarettes to people. This goes to show that not only did they not learn from their mistakes last time but they’re all to willing to reinstate them before the ink has dried on the bad idea hall of fame induction letter.

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