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Opinion: Cigarette Butts Still a Nuisance For Non-Smokers

It’s been one of the primary sources of frustration, anger, and flat out disgust for many non-smokers: improperly disposed of cigarette butts. If you were to talk to a lot of the non-smokers who are against public smoking they’ll probably tell you that it doesn’t bother them up until they start seeing smokers throw cigarette butts on the ground. It is very difficult to understand, however, how some smokers cannot have the common courtesy to properly dispose of their cigarette butts. All it takes is simply placing the butts into a trash can. That’s it.

There are most likely a lot of smokers reading this and rolling their eyes but when public smoking is banned in your area they will only have themselves to blame. The fact is that public smoking is largely considered a nuisance because of the trash that is left behind. Sure politicians will argue that the bans are for the health of others, and that may very well be in terms of their argument, but the reason why so many non-smokers are perfectly fine with them stems from the fact that cigarettes and the trash that they leave behind are annoying. If smokers really want to be able to keep the ability to smoke in public then a little courtesy needs to be shown.

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