Opinion: Are the Voices of Smokers Being Heard?

The growing number of smoking bans is one that has been well commented upon here. The fact of the matter is that the bans are only going to get worse. But one of the biggest questions that has come about from the bans is this: where is the say of the smokers that they most affect?

The facts are that the voices of taxpaying smokers have gone completely ignored by the lawmakers and politicians who have helped to put the bans into effect to begin with. After all, smokers are taxpayers too and they are the ones who are arguably the most affected by the smoking bans, so why are their voices falling on deaf ears?

The fact is that the majority of American society does not smoke. When you take that into consideration it is easy to see how these smoking bans are being passed so quickly and seemingly without the consideration of the needs of smokers. The fact is that it is relatively understandable why a group consisting primarily of non smokers would want to do away with public smoking. What is truly hard to figure out, however, is that with such great e cigarette starter kits on the market, why could there not be an exception made to the product that does not actually put out smoke? It is something that seems to not make any sense.

The lack of designated smoking areas is something else that doesn’t really make sense. After all, smokers have to smoke somewhere and they are not always close enough to their home for a break. So what is to be done about it? It seems that a happy medium must be reached that would make both sides of the very heated argument happy.

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