Opinion: Are E Cigarettes Stigmatized?

It is no big secret that in today’s day and age, smoking is stigmatized. Look at the number of anti-smoking ads and smoking bans that are taking place all across the country. Then think about the fact that cigarette sales as a whole are down, especially among young people. Depending on the company, whether or not a person smokes can be a huge determining factor on whether or not they get a job. There are designated areas specifically for smokers because non smokers do not like the smell. And as if that were not enough, there are many non smokers who openly admit that their opinion of a person can be completely changed if that person smokes. But with the e cigarette alternative becoming more and more popular, the question has arisen: Are e cigarettes just as stigmatized?

E cigarettes are hotly debated among many, but because they do not actually have smoke emitted from them. Since smoke is the chief and immediate reason why non smokers hate cigarettes, many non smokers have been fine with people using e cigarettes in public places. But at the same time e cigarettes have been grouped in with smoking bans in several states.

Part of the reason why many non smokers do not mind e cigarettes also comes from the fact that e cigarettes just don’t leave butts around. There’s not real trash to worry about after they are thrown away. On top of that, the vapor that e cigarettes puts out is almost completely odorless, which makes them much more tolerable to non smokers. There are even some public places that are fine with electronic cigarette use.

So are e cigarettes really as stigmatized as regular cigarettes? For the most part, no, they aren’t. While they are grouped in with smoking bans in some states, many others seem to not only be okay with them but welcome them with open arms. For many the benefits of electronic cigarettes far out weigh the stigmatizing every time.

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