Oncology Professor Challenges Safety of E Cigarettes

Richard O’Connor, a Roswell Park Assistant Professor of Oncology, has gone on the record stating that he feels that lack of regulation in the e cigarette industry is leading many people to unnecessary health risks. He has stated that he feels there is no standard for the product and that many companies release their e cigarette products without doing proper testing. This is something that has plagued the industry before, but it is also something that many e cigarette users have combated by simply being informed and doing their own product research, especially through reading reviews.

The controversial nature of e cigarettes is nothing new as there are plenty of groups out there that have sought to cripple the business, and even bring it to an end altogether. However outspoken these groups may be, the large number of e cigarette users, which now falls into the millions, has been louder. E cigarette proponents are especially vocal about the large portion of their number that have given up on regular cigarettes altogether. It seems that no matter how many people come forward claiming that e cigarettes are bad for you, the large portions of evidence that state otherwise go either underplayed or ignored altogether. Despite the fact that e cigarettes have shown no cancer risks and contain far fewer ingredients than their carcinogen and tar filled counterparts, there is no shaking the critics.

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