Ohio Smoking Ban Could Gain Leniency With Bars

A smoking ban in Ohio was upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court. While this comes as no surprise, given the level of popularity that the ban has had, one surprising detail is that the bill is being revised to allow for smoking in bars. This is being considered a huge victory for smokers in Ohio as bars are often considered to be a safe haven for people who want to smoke outside of their homes.

This overturn of sorts of the smoking ban is being considered a big deal by many smokers as it opens up the possibility of more states allowing for smoking in particular public places. This would be a good compromise for many smokers who feel that the ability to smoke anywhere but their home has been taken away. This is a very big deal for many smokers when it is taken into consideration just how many of them feel stigmatized in a world where fewer and fewer people are buying cigarettes.

So it begs the question: Will this have any real impact on the smoking bans across the country? While not every state has a smoking ban, it may very well set a precedent for those that are heavily considering one. It may allow for a compromise that both smokers and anti-smoking activists can agree on. It may be a way, in fact, to reduce the stigmatization.

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