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NY Sues Cigarette Smuggler

New York City has decided to sue a man living in a Native American reservervation who had apparently decided that selling tax free cigarettes would be a great way make a buck or two. Needless to say this was a bad idea that flew in the face of cigarette tax laws featured across the country.

To boil down the problems of the smuggler, it is not simply a question of who or where he bought the cigarettes from or sold them too. The fact is that the accused smuggler, Robert Gordon, lives with a Seneca Native American. This has made it very difficult for some because the tax rules that he has broken are ones that are built on technicalities and law. So questions immediately arose. Such as if he is living on a Native American reservation do the same laws apply?

Both Robert and Marcia Gordon were outspoken against the state and federal tax hikes on tobacco but does that necessarily make it a good idea to circumvent the law by buying and selling tax free cigarettes? If you don’t like the law then does it make it okay to break it? Maybe it is better to simply add your voice to the hundreds of thousands already angry at lawmakers instead of simply breaking the law itself. After all, if bad publicity is good publicity doesn’t this really only help the lawmakers with their cases against cheaper tobacco?

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