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NY Graphic Displays In Tobacco Shops to Be Removed

The debate over cigarette displays is one that has been raging for some time now. Some places feel that cigarette displays should be made illegal altogether. However New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg feels that cigarette displays, much like certain cigarette packs across the country, should feature graphic warning posters showing the negative affects that smoking cigarettes can have on the human body. He has pushed very hard for cigarette shops to have to display posters and labels like that, but a court decision has ruled that they can’t actually force the rule on shop owners.

This is great news for tobacco shop owners who have had to comply with such laws despite knowing it would most likely hurt their businesses. State governments all across the country seem to be determined to enact some form of unofficial smoking prohibition through tactics like this. This will hopefully work to prevent other states from trying to utilize such methods in the future.

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