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NY Bans E Cig Sales To Minors, Surprises No One.

In a decision that could have been seen from a mile away by a blind person, New York has given the okay to banning the sale of e cigarettes to minors. This is something that didn’t come as a shock given that anything that even sounds like it might be related to cigarettes is kept away from minors. As they should be. While nobody is saying that e cigarettes should be okay for minors, the fact that so many have fervently tried to see to it that they are banned from minors makes one wonder whether or not they even understand how the youth perceives smoking in this day and age.

To young people smoking is more than just an unhealthy habit: it’s flat out nasty. The majority of young people have grown up in a world that has done its best short of all out prohibition (though it seems like that measure may be on the way) to get them to not even look at cigarettes. And for the most part they succeeded. More young people than ever have become staunch non-smokers and many have said that they find cigarettes disgusting. So why such a fervent effort to ban the sales? E cigarettes are primarily aimed at people who already smoke, and the great quality e cigarette starter kits are tailor made for their needs. This means that you have a greater chance of making a cigarette talk then you have of convincing a young person who hates cigarettes to try an e cigarette.

There is also, to an extent, an air of condescension in the way that they have tried to get these bans in place faster. They use arguments that make the youth sound stupid or gullible. They’ll say that young people will want to try e cigarettes because they have different flavors. That’s like saying kids will want to start buying flavored condoms just to taste them. It is a dumb argument that hides the real issue. The fact is that the ban would have come at the exact same speed, so why they have put so much unnecessary effort in making sure it happens is lost on us.




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