Number of Smoking Youths in Decline

In what is coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody, a recent survey has shown that smoking among youth has dropped significantly. The findings are not unexpected as the past few decades has shown further and further pushes in the media to get rid of advertisements for cigarettes and for there to be fewer instances of smoking in both entertainment and in the news. Add a rather aggressive series of anti-smoking campaigns by various groups, and of course smoking would be down.

Some are wondering, however, if these numbers are a sign that the anti-smoking ads should slow down. For nearly twenty years anti-smoking ads have been run through the media, and the very existence of cigarettes is something that is being seen less in the media. If the youth is aware of the dangers of smoking, does it make the ads really necessary?

A point that has been raised, however, is that the study does not account for how many youths began smoking when they became adults. This could be vital to the study, as it could truly shed light on just how effective the advertisements have been. While it is great that the number of youths who are not smoking under age is low, if they pick up the habit as adults it almost renders the findings as pointless.

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