Number of E Cigarette Users Growing

E Cigarettes have been growing in popularity among smokers across the country. Though a specific number is hard to pinpoint, it is estimated that over a million smokers started using e cigarettes last year alone. This easily leads one to the conclusion that e cigarettes have become a legitimate competitor for regular cigarettes.  The excitement of e cigarettes is partially due to them still being a relatively new product, at least in the minds of consumers.

The popularity of e cigarettes has led to a large number of stores, particularly convenience stores, picking them up and selling them. While that has most certainly boosted the availability of the products to consumers, many e cigarette aficionados have stated that the quality of the ones sold in convenience store are inferior to the models that can be found online.

Aside from the availability, it is not surprising to find that over 60% of e cigarette users claim that they no longer smoke regular cigarettes, which has led to many e cigarette advocates to state their belief that e cigarettes can be used to quit smoking regular cigarettes altogether, though this claim is somewhat controversial. All in all, if anything can be gathered from recent surveys and reports it is that e cigarettes are not going anywhere.

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