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North Dakota Latest To Jump On Smoking Prohibition Bandwagon

In what is looking to be trouble on the horizon, Smoke-Free North Dakota is looking to start a serious effort in prohibiting the use of tobacco in public places and places of employment. This is by far one of the most wide spread cases that we’ve heard of so far in the movement of entire cities banning smoking.

It seems that if this movement continues to rear it’s head in an attempt to control smokers through the use of eliminating viable smoking areas, then this could lead to some serious back lash from said smokers.

It does seem like all anyone wants to do to control smokers is limit the use of tobacco and places where tobacco can be used. Forget the fact that their time and effort would be much better spent funding a movement to improve quit smoking options or better alternatives such as electronic cigarettes. It seems that people forget that smoking is an addiction and that smokers shouldn’t be treated like they need to be punished for doing a bad thing. By saying that smokers aren’t welcome in public places it’s asking a vast majority of the people to essentially hide themselves and part of who they are. Smoking isn’t a secretive thing and therefore shouldn’t be treated as such.

It is worth noting that the majority of states that are jumping on the bandwagon for smoking prohibition have chosen to include e cigarettes in with the bans despite the fact that they do not actually put out smoke. This will certainly lead to friction with e cigarette users who started using the product as a means of escaping the unnecessary bans to begin with.

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