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No Smoking Signs Will Not Do Anymore

Everyone knows what the no smoking sign looks like. It is an almost universal symbol and has become practically an icon in and of itself. But in this day and age with e cigarettes and smokeless tobacco and similar products becoming more and more popular it begs the question: is the no smoking sign enough? We are seeing more public smoking bans than ever before and not every state has the same policy.

One state may have a policy against smoking in public with the exception of private clubs. Other states may have policies against public smoking of any kind. Complicating it even more is the presence of smokeless tobacco and low priced e cigarette starter kits. The fact is that there are no signs for these products and if a state has a policy that is against e cigarettes, how will the e cigarette user know? A cigarette on a no smoking sign also looks like an e cigarette. New signs need to be made that accommodate the needs of a society that has moved on past regular cigarettes being the only real form of smoking.

A new no smoking would need to lay out the technicalities of the area in which it is displayed. This would mean ditching the simple graphic and adding text as well, clarifying whether or not e cigarettes or smokeless tobacco were allowed in that area. This way it not only prevents any possible confusion on the matter, but it could also save someone from accidentally violating the ban and losing some money.

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