No Smoking Rules In Parks Being Ignored

In what is already making some laugh, it is being reported that despite the threat of being fined many smokers are simply ignoring no smoking signs in public parks. As if that were not the most laughable detail, many have the feeling that this summer is going to be almost impossible in terms of enforcing no smoking policies.

It makes one wonder just how effective these bans have been. Smokers have sent their message loud and clear that they will fight unfair public smoking bans by simply ignoring them, something that has certainly ruffled the feathers of lawmakers. The fact is that smokers feel persecuted in this day and age where the number of smokers is at an all time low. When smokers hear about smoking bans it does nothing but make them feel unwelcome instead of their cigarettes. Smoking bans have sparked a large number of smokers who are willing to commit acts of civil disobedience by simply lighting up. While this may seem cool, it is still (depending on where you live) technically breaking the law which is never advisable.

One thing that is rather interesting is that many smokers who have purchased inexpensive e cigarette starter kits are not quite clear on whether or not their product falls within smoking bans to begin with. This is made all the more confusing since some places are fine with public e cigarette use and others are not, so you have a group that may be ignoring this rule by mistake anyway.

The fact is that smokers feel as though their voices have been drowned out by a media that does not want to listen to them. They feel that they are being ignored and that non smokers do not wish to look at their side of the proverbial tracks and as a result nobody is happy. This is creating a massive headache for smokers, non smokers, and lawmakers alike. A happy medium needs to be found and quickly.

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