No Outdoor Ban for Sarasota

Smokers in the Sarasota area can breathe a little bit easier with the news that Sarasota County will not being smoke free, at least not outdoors. It has been ruled that only the Florida Legislature can enact such a ban. This is a big deal as more and more public smoking ordinances have been taking place across the country and it has been a real burden on smokers.

Smoking bans across the country have affected not only those who use real cigarettes but e cig users as well. This is because many areas do not bother to make the distinction between the two figuring that because they kind of look similar they must be the same. While some environmentalists and anti-smoking groups are not happy about this it can be considered a small victory for smoker’s rights…for now.

The fact is that just because the Florida Legislature hasn’t banned public smoking doesn’t mean that they won’t. Smokers should still keep up to date on any possible law changes in the future. Having said that, they should still enjoy this freedom while it lasts.

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