Nicotine Continues To Be Red Herring In Cigarette Argument

A recent report that the FDA may soon regulate the nicotine content of cigarettes is one that has many people cheering. After all, isn’t nicotine what keeps people so hooked on cigarettes? Well, isn’t it? That depends on who you ask. The fact about nicotine is that most experts will tell you that nicotine is only genuinely harmful if you straight up drink it. They will also tell you that nicotine is not much different from caffeine. In fact, nicotine is out of the human body after three days. If nicotine is really the sole cause of cigarette addiction then that certainly doesn’t say anything pleasant about the will power of human beings.

Perhaps, however nicotine is not the sole cause of cigarette addiction. Is it not possible that the culprit could be any of the other four thousand carcinogens and chemicals that are put into smoking tobacco? It seems as though nicotine continues to be a red herring in the argument, and if the potential regulation that the FDA may impose could be a proving ground of sorts for that argument. If cigarette addiction continues as widespread as it currently is, then perhaps the time to figure out what other chemicals or chemical combinations could be behind why cigarettes have such a tight grip on their users.


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