New York Misses E Cig Regulation Chance

New York Misses Chance At E Cig Regulation

In something that is a bit on the “wha…?” side of the news, New York has missed their window of opportunity to regulate e cigarettes and ban sales to minors for the foreseeable future. While there are several places already that have banned e cigarette sales to minors it seems kind of odd that the home of the biggest city in the country would take so long to make a decision regarding the increasingly popular product.

Banning e cigarette sales to minors seems like it would be a no-brainer, as several states already have them in place, so what happened with New York? It was simply a result of it being a regulation that they did not have time to get to, with over 600 pending health regulations on the table. The fact is that a lot of states, New York apparently included, are simply waiting to see what the FDA has to say about e cigarettes after they have concluded their research on them. It just seems like a lot of states just can’t seem to get a lock on their opinion of e cigarettes, but the one point of agreement that has been universal is that a ban on sales to minors is probably a good idea.

As previously stated, it looks as though it will take some time for New York to be able to enact the ban, so some time has been bought.

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